Top 15 Spots to Take GOOD Pics in Kingston

Getting a good picture can be tough, but you may be surprised to know how many cool and unique spots Kingston has for taking pictures. Here are 15 of our favourite pictures taken in Kingston that may give you some inspo for your next Facebook or Instagram post:

#1: Richardson Stadium 

You can’t go to a football game without getting a couple of good pictures. Good lighting, bright colours, and school spirit make for the perfect photo opportunity. These girls KILLED it.


Repost from Emma Buckley (Facebook)

#2: Agnes Etherington Art Center 

Did somebody say PINK? Count me in!


Repost from @jessicacluett

#3: The Pier 

This picture is just so cool. Grab your closest friends and head to the pier for good times and good pictures.


Repost from @madsfg

#4: One Stop??? 

One stop photo op anybody? This one can be tough to pull off but these girls nailed it. Definitely one of the best Halloween pictures this year.


Repost from @caleighcastiglione

#5: Jack Astor’s Downtown – Rooftop Patio 

Who doesn’t love good company and good drinks on a patio? Get all of that PLUS a pic as cute as this one at Jack Astor’s.


Repost from @mackenzielow

#6: The Waterfront 

This natural beauty posted the most perfect waterfront picture.


Repost from @amandalew_

#7: Downtown Kingston 

This picture is taken from the photo expert himself. Downtown Kingston is amazing for pictures both during the day, and at night.


Repost from @tmarkakos

#8: NORTHSIDE espresso + kitchen 

NORTHSIDE is beautiful both inside and out and so is Ashley!


Repost from @ashleytregz

#9: Outside of Goodes 

White brick walls and big glass windows make it a GOODES idea to take pictures here. Haha.


Repost from @mackenziebigioni

#10: Kingston Fall Fair 

Good pictures and good times to be had at the Kingston Fall Fair.


Repost from @igotbrodesinatlanta

#11: The Isabel Bader Centre 

Whether you’re inside or outside of the Bader, the pictures are always incredible.


Photo credits to, and Repost from @morgan.ruth

#12: In Your Neighbourhood 

Stay off roofs! But…if you end up on one…take a picture like this.


Repost from @morganadamss

#13: Rock Dunder 

“Life’s a climb. But the view is great.” -Miley Cyrus

Seriously though, this picture is so worth the hike.


Repost from @mackenzieworthy

#14: Starbucks Patio on Division 

Another killer patio pic. Cure your hangover with fresh air, a venti iced latte, and a cool picture on the Starbucks patio.


Repost from @alexandraservos

#15: Secret Location (between James Reid Furniture and the Grocery Basket, between Princess St. and Brock St.) 

Who knew this place even existed? We wanted to keep it a secret but it’s too good not to share. Bright blue walls make for a fun and playful photoshoot.


Repost from @jessicacluett

That’s all for now! Thank you to everyone who let us feature their photos in this post. If you have a cool picture that you’d like us to feature, we’d love to see it!

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